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Our package deals are put together to ensure you have as lovely a stay at our hotel as you could possibly wish for. You can choose whether you would like to add a special sparkle to your hotel weekend with a delicious dinner, a fun-filled activity on the mountainside or a round of golf with some friends.

Our most popular offers

Spa & Hiking Happiness

From 1,790 SEK/person
This package contains the best we have to offer. Experience wonderful hiking trails and then let your body relax in our Earth Spa. A delicious dinner, overnight stay and breakfast.

Our Small Spa Experience

From 1,490 SEK/person
Twenty-four hours of well-being to leave the humdrum of everyday life behind and restore your energy levels. Including spa, dinner and a peaceful night's sleep with breakfast.

Our Big Spa Experience

From 2,980 SEK/person
When you want to relax and enjoy everything that little bit more, booking this package is just the ticket. You get two nights with delicious dinners and time to relax at our spa.
Other offers

Hiking Happiness

From 1,290 SEK/person
Do you love being outdoors and experiencing nature on foot, but think it’s lovely to slump softly onto a sofa and eat some delicious food after a day’s hike? Book hiking happiness!

Feel right at home at Billingehus

From 1,190 SEK/person
Are you someone who loves your home and feels there is no place like home? Welcome to us at Billingehus! An overnight stay with 3-course dinner and breakfast buffet.

MTB package

From 1,225 SEK/person
Just around the corner from our hotel, you will find Billingen Hill, which offers glorious cycling experiences. Book a package with trail fee, dinner, overnight stay and breakfast.

Joy of discovery

From 1,245 SEK/person
For those who want to be active outdoors - in Billingen and Skaraborg. Experience historic environments, beautiful trails and fun adventures. Overnight stay, dinner and breakfast.

Spa & Bistro

From 1,190 SEK/person
A favourable package deal where you will get a good mix of everything – a delicious bistro dish, a few hours of soothing relaxation in our spa and a good night’s sleep.

Stay Bubbly

From 1,390 SEK/adult
A perfect get-away! You are treated to a glass of bubbly and a delicious two-course dinner. Sleep in, enjoy a luxurious hotel breakfast, and an extended check-out time.


From 3,490 SEK/person
When you visit us you will quickly enter into holiday mode without having to travel very far. This package includes four nights, half a day at Earth Spa, dinner and a bistro dish.
Special offer with six nights

Stay a while longer

From 5,090 SEK/person
At Billingehus, we offer a whole range of activities and excursions. Stay for six nights and experience even more: half a day at our Earth Spa, a dinner, a bistro dish, and lunch.

Golf Package

From 1,190 SEK/person
Experience the lush greens of Skövde, and let us look after you. Choose from various golf packages, with or without dinner and with more nights for those who want to stay longer.

Simply Be

From 495 SEK/person
Welcome to a most grounding experience. Enjoy half a day at our Earth Spa with ablution, warming pools, saunas, activities and gorgeous relaxation. A moment of simply being.

A tranquil morning

From 595 SEK/person
First, you can stock up on energy as you get to enjoy our delicious breakfast buffet. Then, you have four hours of pure bliss ahead of you at our Earth Spa.

A dip at lunchtime

From 625 SEK/person
Welcome to a more pleasant lunch break. Enjoy ablution, warming pools, saunas and relaxation in our spa. You can choose whether to start or finish your visit with a tasty lunch.

Seize the day

From 695 SEK/person
Treat yourself to some me-time. Enjoy ablution, warming pools, saunas, activities, and sumptuous relaxation in our spa. Finish off with a delicious dish in our Uno Bar & Bistro.

All of you, all through the day

From 950 SEK/person
Spend an entire day at the spa and treat yourself to lots of time. When you feel like a break from your break, a delicious lunch awaits in the Sandberg’s Dining Room.