Bar Arne

If Billingehus brings you slightly closer to heaven, Bar Arne actually lets you taste heaven. A bar where you happily take a pew to enjoy an aperitif or two, a cold ale or a glass of house red. In these comfy armchairs, stories, laughter and anticipation intermingle. Perhaps you finish an amazing day in this particular spot or toast to an unforgettable night as a visit to The Sandberg Dining Room awaits.

Who is Arne?

Arne Sandberg was an entrepreneur who, together with his wife Maja, created Billingehus, a destination where good friends and family can get together, where relaxation goes hand in hand with exercise. In one of the corners of the dining room, in the spot with the most stunning view, Arne often pops into our minds.

Food & drinks at Billingehus

Sandberg’s Dining room

Our kitchen serves beautifully cooked, classic dishes in a modern and conscious way, with a pinch of attitude and a twinkle in the eye. We draw inspiration from and are firmly rooted in Swedish food culture, using the seasonal larder each month offers.

Uno - Bar & Bistro

Food does not taste better outdoors. However, food tastes fabulous when you step inside a warm, cosy room after a day of outdoor pursuits. Preferably with good friends at Uno. On our bistro menu, there is something to suit everyone, and the kitchen stays open all evening.

Bistro menu

Starving, feeling nibbly or just thirsty after an action-packed day? Step into our lobby, make yourself comfortable and enjoy our classic dishes and more modern morsels; we have lots to whet your appetite and a variety of snacks.