If you want to get active during your stay at Billingehus, the possibilities are endless. Just around the corner from our hotel, you will find Billingen Hill with year-round outdoor pursuits; hiking, cycling, skiing, and many other thrilling experiences. In addition, the Skaraborg region offers lovely destinations and sights if you want to explore more of the nearby area when you visit our hotel. However, if you prefer to stay put, we promise there is no shortage of indoor pursuits here at the hotel.

Things to do at our hotel

Welcome to our energetic living room where you can experience memorable activities, meals and meetings, and where glorious relaxation awaits. 

Shuffleboard, table tennis, foosball and tonnes of board games are available for you if you want to grab the opportunity to challenge your friends and family. 

Billingen – a hill brimming with experiences

The spectacular views from Billingehus amaze everyone straight away, but when it comes to activities, you will find the best at the back of the hotel. Just around the corner, Billingen Hill offers a whole host of activities, such as mountain bike riding, cross-country skiing and incredible hiking trails with both adventure and beautiful views. Fabulous experiences regardless of the season.

Discover the Skaraborg region

Explore special sites you didn’t even know existed between Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern. Discover hidden gems along the beautiful coast, the stunning Skaraborg landscape and thrilling historical locations — lots to see and experience within an hour’s drive from Billingehus. 

Stay at Billingehus and experience Skövde & Skaraborg

Our hotel is geographically close to Skövde and is also a very comfortable base camp if you want to explore the town and the Skaraborg region. Make it easy for yourself and book one of our package deals, including good food, an overnight stay and an energizing breakfast. Then you are good to go and can set off on your adventure.

Feel right at home at Billingehus

Price from 1,190 SEK/person
Are you someone who loves your home and feels there is no place like home? Welcome to us at Billingehus! An overnight stay with 3-course dinner and breakfast buffet.

Joy of discovery

Price from 1,245 SEK/person
For those who want to be active outdoors - in Billingen and Skaraborg. Experience historic environments, beautiful trails and fun adventures. Overnight stay, take away, dinner and breakfast included.

The bistro package

Price from 990 SEK/person
This is for anyone who needs to spend some quality time with a good friend. Time to socialise, eat something delicious and have a cosy night in our hotel.