Activities for an exceptional conference

Do you want to give your meeting an energy boost or turn your conference into something out of the ordinary? Book an activity as a creative, fun break away from your work or an excellent conclusion to a fruitful workday. Tell us about your aims for this meeting or what you want to achieve with your day at Billingehus, and we will help you find the perfect activity for your group.

Exciting activities for conferences or kick-off events

We have a wide range of activities and love to share culture, nature and our knowledge with others. Literally on our doorstep, Billingen Hill offers stunning natural scenery and active adventures. Would your group perhaps enjoy an active adventure such as rock climbing or hiking? We have many great contacts and would be delighted to help you with the booking. 


If you want to try top-rope climbing with a guide, this activity is available for beginners as well as intermediates. Perfect for anyone who likes a good challenge or perhaps wants to experience nature in a different way. Astonishing and truly out of the ordinary. We are happy to help you with the booking.

High Ropes course

Bring your team along for an adventure where you make your way from platform to platform, 14 metres up in the air amongst the treetops. An activity that provides a great challenge for each individual and builds a strong team. You can explore different courses and tackle the degrees of difficulty at your own pace.

Walking or CrossFit

Billingen Hill’s recreational area boasts a significant number of trails and tracks. Each track starts at the stadium outside our hotel, and there is a variety of tracks from 2.5 to 57km long. If you want to combine cardio with strength training, choose the exercise trail around Lake Hållsdammen, where there are five CrossFit stations available for anyone to use.

Contact us to book activities for your conference

Do you want a fun teambuilding activity or perhaps inspire your group with a lecture? We have many great contacts and will happily help you book an activity to make your day even more memorable. Please do not hesitate to ask; we have more suggestions up our sleeve and are very happy to help.