Sandberg’s dining room

For more than 50 years, Billingehus has been a prominent place to meet for food, drink and entertainment, and now it is time to start the next chapter of yummy experiences. Our kitchen serves beautifully cooked, classic dishes in a modern and conscious way, with a pinch of attitude and a twinkle in the eye. We draw inspiration from and are firmly rooted in Swedish food culture, using the seasonal larder that each month offers and taking great care in choosing the best local produce for your plate. 

Sandberg’s dining room will be open Monday to Sunday lunch.

À la carte

Please take a seat and prepare to be served new memories you will remember with delight and long for in days and months to come. In our dining room, traditional flavours intermingle with influences from an international kitchen, and you will enjoy beautifully prepared dishes inspired by the forests, lakes and fields of the Vastgota plain.

Beverages at Sandbergs

A meal at Billingehus is not complete without something delicious in your glass. In our wine list, you will find wines from renowned producers and lesser-known, smaller vineyards. In addition, we have beers from local as well as international breweries, and, of course, we have a range of non-alcoholic beverages to tempt you with too.

Dish of the day

Banish the humdrum of everyday life, brighten up your day and rouse your tastebuds with a perfectly prepared lunch right at the top of Billingen Hill. We serve a veggie option, as well as a meat or fish course, all based on what the season has to offer. Soup, bread, still/sparkling water, coffee and a stunning view are always included when you have lunch here.

Delicious food with a touch of finesse and a magical view across Skövde

A restaurant with a view. Come just for the view, but stay for the flavours. It doesn’t matter whether this is your first or fifty-eleventh visit to Billingehus; you should always be treated to new taste sensations.


Feel right at home at Billingehus

Price from 1,190 SEK/person
Are you someone who loves your home and feels there is no place like home? Welcome to us at Billingehus! An overnight stay with 3-course dinner and breakfast buffet.

Joy of discovery

Price from 1,245 SEK/person
For those who want to be active outdoors - in Billingen and Skaraborg. Experience historic environments, beautiful trails and fun adventures. Overnight stay, take away, dinner and breakfast included.

The bistro package

Price from 990 SEK/person
This is for anyone who needs to spend some quality time with a good friend. Time to socialise, eat something delicious and have a cosy night in our hotel.