About Billingehus

Billingehus is a place to meet for anyone who wants to get active or simply deactivate. The sense of pulsating tranquillity has attracted guests to this destination ever since the 1970s. Now we are embarking on a new era, and after extensive refurbishing, Billingehus is ready to welcome locals as well as far-away guests. The hotel boasts magnificent views across the Vastgota Plain, unforgettable activities, meals, meetings and lovely relaxation.

The history behind Billingehus

The idea of Billingehus was actually part of a bigger dream; the dream of an outdoor paradise on Billingen Hill. Entrepreneur Arne Sandberg and his wife Maja had a vision of creating a place for recreation where exercise and relaxation went hand in hand. A place to meet, not only for the locals in Skövde but for tourists too, where the purpose was to take care of all aspects of each individual, the whole person. A place to combat stress and a place "for one's heart and soul".

Finding Billingehus

Billingehus is surrounded by natural beauty, right on the edge of Billingen Hill in Skövde. In the western part of Sweden, only an hour away from Gothenburg and two hours from Stockholm, you will find our hotel brimming with both indoor and outdoor pursuits. You can easily get to the hotel by train or car. Our car park is located beside the hotel.

Hotel in Skövde – close to both Gothenburg and Stockholm

Our location in the western part of Sweden, merely an hour from Gothenburg and two hours from Stockholm, makes it easy to get here by car or train. The stunning natural scenery of Billingen Hill offers lovely relaxation as well as exciting activities all year round. 


A hill brimming with experiences

Official Vasalopp track

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