Discover the Skaraborg region

Skaraborg is situated between the two largest lakes in Sweden – Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern. This area boasts rich wildlife and is also rich in cultural activities. Lots to enjoy and experience for people of all ages and interests. Explore hiking trails, sample delightful local cuisine and a coffee with some delicious pastry, go looking for flowering ramsons on Kinnekulle or enjoy the dancing cranes at Lake Hornborga.


Activities, architecture and experiencing nature

The Skaraborg region is nicknamed ‘the cradle of the Swedish Kingdom’, and that is not by chance or by accident. There are numerous local attractions, not least cultural and historical sights, but the possibility of outdoor pursuits is extraordinary too, as Skaraborg offers fantastic rambling/hiking trails.

Varnhem Abbey

Visit Varnhem Abbey and walk beneath the arches that have been there for centuries, and explore this historical site inside and out. The abbey is included in the monastic town of Varnhem, a tourist attraction created after Jan Guillou’s historical book series about Arn, the Knight Templar.

Be surrounded by incredible architecture and feast your eyes on the monastic park while you relish something from the Abbey Café.

The Millstone Mine at Lugnås

In the town of Skara, you will find the only millstone mine open to the public. When you book a visit, the guide will take you underground and tell you stories from the heyday of this mine.

Perhaps you take a peek in the museum once you are done below ground and learn even more about the mining process, or enjoy a coffee and pastry at the local café.

The dancing cranes by Lake Hornborga

The crane dance at Lake Hornborga is a lovely sign that spring has sprung, and the performance is nothing short of breathtaking. The birds visit Lake Hornborga from mid-March to mid-April every year, and there are cranes in the area in the autumn too. Approx 18,000 cranes rest their weary wings here in the autumn, but they are much shier at this time of the year than in the spring. The best time to view them is in September-October, preferably at dusk when they start withdrawing to the lake to sleep.

Stay at Billingehus and explore the Skaraborg region

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