Indoor pursuits at Billingehus

Even though we feel staying at a hotel should be lovely and relaxing, it can sometimes be great fun to get active and occupy yourself with something. But whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse, we still want you to have fun indoors. Welcome to our energetic living room where you can experience memorable activities, meals and meetings, and where glorious relaxation awaits.

Shuffleboard, table tennis & foosball

At our hotel, you will find a shuffleboard, table tennis table and foosball, all free for guests to use. Perhaps you want to challenge yourself to a triathlon, or you will enjoy a game of round-robin together. Any equipment you may need is available at the reception.

Board games

We have lots of amusing board games at the hotel. Please take a seat in one of our comfortable sofas, enjoy the game and may the best person win.

Relaxing lounge

After participating in an activity, simply sitting back and relaxing can be lovely. When you stay with us, you always have free access to our chill-out lounge with a mixed-gender sauna and a view across the Billingen landscape.

Food & drink at the hotel

Enjoying food and drink can also be an extremely pleasant activity, at least in our opinion. So welcome to our restaurants and bars to activate and stimulate your senses.

Sandberg’s Dining room

Our kitchen serves beautifully cooked, classic dishes in a modern and conscious way, with a pinch of attitude and a twinkle in the eye. We draw inspiration from and are firmly rooted in Swedish food culture, using the seasonal larder each month offers.

Uno - Bar & Bistro

Food does not taste better outdoors. However, food tastes fabulous when you step inside a warm, cosy room after a day of outdoor pursuits. Preferably with good friends at Uno. On our bistro menu, there is something to suit everyone, and the kitchen stays open all evening.

Bar Arne

Bar Arne – the small bar with the magnificent view. As we serve cocktails and bubbly, this is a place where you can treat yourself and perhaps celebrate something special. But, on the other hand, anyone who knows us knows there is always something to celebrate, so the threshold is not very high.

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The Bistro Package

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Joy of discovery

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